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Nelda Grace Garza

Nelda Grace Garza, RDH, has been a dental hygienist for over 25 years. She became the scribbler and with the help from the divine hands that pushed her to write this book, washed away the pain!

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The Soul, Don’t Be Surprised!: A Memoir And A Message

A spiritual awakening was my inspiration for writing this divine book. Praying these six lessons learned can give you and me another chance at life.

My sixth lesson learned was an unnerving experience but did strengthen my inner voice beliefs. My mother’s inner treasured beliefs were so strong she lived by it! There were a couple of critical moments where her inner voice was talking to me, but I didn’t listen. Could it have saved her life?

We live our life by choice. We have the free will to believe, doubt, or not to believe in that inner wisdom. Someday, somehow, and somewhere, your inner angel will make you change.